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William Parry Blore (1875-1948), Canterbury Cathedral Librarian and antiquary, was a retired schoolmaster of 20, St. Stephens Road, Canterbury. He was appointed Librarian in 1936.[1] He was succeeded as Librarian by William Urry.

There is archival material relating to Blore in Canterbury Cathedral Archives (U91: diary, miscellaneous correspondence and local history notes and transcriptions of archives, 1901-1947) and in Lambeth Palace Library (MS 1484: correspondence and papers, 1935-1939). Blore gave a number of books to the Chapter Library between 1930 and 1948.

W/T-1-36 D-43-9 M-3-27 Pamph. 116/16 W2/X-3-33(1) W2/X-4-45

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