William Rowe Lyall

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William Rowe Lyall (1788–1857) was Dean of Canterbury from 1845. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (1806; B.A. 1810; M.A. 1816).[1] Lyall became Archdeacon of Colchester (1824–1842), Canon of Canterbury Cathedral (Stall IX) (1841–1845), Archdeacon of Maidstone (1842–1845), simultaneously, and finally Dean of Canterbury (1845–1857). He was also rector of Great Chart (1842–1852).


Shelfmark W/S-12-4/5
Thomas, Aquinas Saint.. Catena aurea super quattuor evangelistas.
Rome: 1470.
Inscription and arms on first recto (vol. 1); signature without arms (vol. 2): Mariani Rondinelli.
Binder's label on front pastedown: Dean. Book binder. Canterbury.
Inscription on verso of front free endpaper of vol. 1: E dono W. R. Lyall, Eccl. Hujus Decani.
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